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Sample Documents
To view a blank, sample Petition for use in filing a USPS Debt Collection Act case, click here.

To view a blank, sample Petition for use in filing a USPS Administrative Offset case, click here

To view a blank, sample Notice of Appeal for use in filing a Board of Contract Appeals case, click here

(Note: Each sample document will open as a Word document. You can then fill it out, save it to your computer, and upload it to the efiling system (or mail it) when asked to do so. Alternatively, you can draft your own document, using the sample as a guide to the minimum information you should include.)


Welcome to the US Postal Service Judicial Officer Department's Electronic Filing System



Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Judicial Officer Department and Office of Administrative Law Judges physical offices have been closed. The judges and staff are continuing to work remotely, and electronic filing remains available. All scheduled due dates remain in effect. If you need an extension, please file a request for an extension electronically. If you experience problems with e-filing or need other assistance, please email the Recorder at judicial@usps.gov or call 703-812-1919.
In addition, to eliminate the need for recipients to provide a physical signature to receive mail, the Judicial Officer has ordered that documents that by rule must be sent by Certified Mail may, until further notice, be sent by Priority Mail or any other means that tracks delivery.


Using the links at the top of this page you can sign up for a new account ("Request Account") or sign in to your existing account ("Sign In"). Once you sign in to your account you can file a new case, ask to be added to an existing case,* or work with cases in which you are already a party or representative. Click here to access and download detailed instructions for using the system.

*Please be aware that requests to be added to an already existing case are not processed automatically but are reviewed individually by personnel in the Judicial Officer Department Recorder's Office. For this reason, it is not possible to request involvement in a case and file a document in the case at the same time. Therefore, if you are facing a short deadline with regard to document filing in a case, you should consider filing documents by mail until your request to be added to the case is approved.

Legal Notice: By logging in to the Judicial Officer Department's Electronic Filing website with your user name and password, you are consenting to the electronic filing of any case or document you submit. Further, you are agreeing that your typed signature on any document you submit has the same effect as if it were your handwritten signature.

Privacy Act Statement: The information and documents you supply in connection with any case, whether through this website or by mail or facsimile, will be used for case management, evaluation, and administrative purposes by the Judicial Officer Department and, unless otherwise ruled by the presiding judge/hearing official, will be available to any other party to the case. Providing this information is voluntary, but if not provided, we may not be able to process the pending matter or case before the Judicial Officer Department. Collection of information for this service is authorized by 39 U.S.C. § 204, and 39 C.F.R. Parts 951 - 966. In addition, Initial and Final Judicial Officer Department Administrative Decisions are made available to the public (after redaction of Social Security Numbers or equivalent non-publicly-available personally identifiable information) on the U.S. Postal Service public website, usps.com. Opinions of the Board in Board of Contract Appeals cases are made available to the public on the U.S. Postal Service public website and through commercial case reporting services. Except as indicated above, we do not disclose your information to third parties without your consent, except to facilitate the request, to act on your behalf or request, or as legally required. This includes the following limited circumstances: to a congressional office on your behalf; to government agencies; to financial entities regarding financial transaction issues; to a USPS auditor; to entities, including law enforcement, as authorized by law or in, or incident to, legal proceedings; and to contractors and other entities aiding us to fulfill the service (service providers). For more information on our privacy policies visit www.usps.com/privacypolicy.